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How to Hire Emotionally Intelligent Employees

It's not news to anyone that you can't have a successful business without having a great team, and that starts with hiring the right people. Resumes are useful tools in helping hiring managers evaluate a candidate's education, skill set, and experience, but as you likely know, that's only part of what makes for a valuable employee ... CONTINUE READING

4 Celebrities Who Were Student-Athletes

April 6 is National Student-Athlete Day! Many students play sports in addition to their studies in high school and college, and many famous people also spent much of their youth playing sports while going to school. Here are four stars who were also college athletes ...CONTINUE READING

How to Craft the Perfect Follow-Up Email

When it comes to securing leads, the follow-up email is hard to beat. One study found that a 12% response rate from two emails increases to 15%–16% with a third email. If you play your cards right, the success of your email marketing could, in large part, depend on your follow-up emails. So, how do you create ones that maximize positive responses ... CONTINUE READING

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