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Is Grit the Key Ingredient to a Resilient Business?

As a business owner, you’ve had to face challenges that may have felt insurmountable at times, such as opening your business and dealing with the many ups and downs of the ever-changing economy. How do you bounce back after major setbacks or a particularly bad year for your company? How do you keep your business growing and build resilience when facing challenges? What’s the quality that keeps business owners moving forward, even when the going gets tough? ... CONTINUE READING

2 Steps to Cultivate Leadership in Your Sales Team

Think about the traits of a leader. You may be thinking of someone who can take charge, isn’t afraid to fail, communicates clearly, has a passion for helping people, and is extroverted.

Now, think of a successful salesperson. Do you see any overlap in characteristics? ... CONTINUE READING

3 Ways to Pay for College That Aren’t Loans

Stress can cause more than just a bad mood and low energy. Over time, mental exhaustion from stress can lead to forgetfulness and reduced cognition. This can hamper your ability to do your job and enjoy life. Though stress is unavoidable, there are steps you can take to mitigate some of the negative effects of mental exhaustion ... CONTINUE READING

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