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4 Ways to Boost Your Child's Creativity

Kids are about halfway through summer vacation, which means their brains are probably on summer vacation too. Seasonal boredom often stems from a lack of creativity, so if your child is feeling that slump, then it's important to boost their brain. Creativity is a necessity in everyone's lives — it's a key component of health and happiness, and there are no limitations to its applications. You can practice this core skill with your kids in a variety of ... CONTINUE READING

The Wacky Evolution of the Knock-Knock Joke

Unless you're living under a rock, odds are you've laughed, grumbled, or groaned in response to a knock-knock joke. You may have even told a few yourself before you realized knock-knock jokes had gone out of style in favor of sarcasm and memes. That's because at their core, knock-knock jokes are a quintessential American experience — and the perfect homegrown fodder for International Joke Day, which falls on July 1. But where did they come from, and why do so many people knock the ... CONTINUE READING

The Power of the Golden Spice

People have raved about many superfoods over the past few decades, but one that's garnered notable attention is turmeric. Fittingly known as the golden spice due to its orange-yellow hue, turmeric is famous for being a crucial part of Indian cuisine, ayurvedic medicine, and Chinese medicine. But does turmeric actually help people? And if so, how? Let’s start with the basics to finde ... CONTINUE READING

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