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Trust Administration
Thursday,10/15/20 @ 12:00 pm – Webinar
Discover what to do when a loved one passes and what are the necessary steps and processes to start a Trust Administration. Learn why proper funding of your Trust can make the administration of your Trust easier to manage and navigate. Learn to avoid the perils of a Trust improperly funded and an administration handled by a reluctant or incompetent trustee.
Presented by R. DeDe Soto
Estate Planning for Blended Families
Monday.,10/19/20 @ 6:00 pm – Webinar
Learn how to protect your assets for your own children in a blended family, handling different distributions, and how to create an estate plan for assets that are his, hers, and ours. Learn how to name the right guardians for your minor children and how to prevent the wrong person from stepping in to raise your children.
Presented by R. DeDe Soto
Naming Guardians and Estate Planning 101
Tuesday, 10/27/20 @ 6:00 pm – Webinar
Learn how to PROTECT your family and your assets should something happen to you. Make sure that your children are with the people YOU have chosen so that they do not suffer the tragedy and pain of being placed in the custody of strangers. Learn the difference between a will and a trust and how to avoid Probate. Protect your children’s inheritance and ensure that your family is prepared for life without you.
Presented by R. DeDe Soto
Special Needs Trusts
Friday, 11/06/20 @ 6:00 pm – Webinar
Join us to discover how a Special Needs Trust allows people with mental or physical disabilities, or even people with chronic or acquired illnesses, to have unlimited assets held in Trust for their benefit. If you have a family member or loved one with a disability, you can ensure that they have the funds they need to maintain their lifestyle after you’re gone. This presentation will review Conservatorships, Government Benefits, Life Care Provisions, Inheritance Protection, Incapacitation, Health Care Directives and more.
Presented by R. DeDe Soto
5 Essential Documents for Estate Planning
Tuesday, 11/10/20 @ 6:00 pm – Webinar
Join us and learn what are the 5 essential Estate Planning documents that you need to have in place to protect your family AND your assets. A Will, A Trust, Health Care Directives/HIPAA Release, Durable Power of Attorney (financial) and Guardian Nominations. Learn how these documents AVOID Probate and unnecessary delays and costs. Discover how each document serves a specific purpose but together they serve to guard and protect your assets and your legacy. You can make sure your Estate Plan legally and financially protects your family and their future.
Presented by R. DeDe Soto
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Details About Our Workshops and Webinars

Our workshops and webinars are informative, LIVE and FREE to attend, and will help you discover how you can protect your loved ones should something happen to you. Even if you have an estate plan or a living trust, new laws and overlooked items may mean your current plan is out of date or won’t work as intended. Everyone needs an estate plan, not just the rich and famous. Not only that, everyone needs the estate plan that works best for their unique situation.

Here some of our Event Topic Highlights:

  • How to Avoid Probate in California
  • Maintaining your Estate’s Privacy
  • Protecting your estate against a living probate if you become incapacitated
  • Health Care Directives and HIPAA Release
  • Financial Durable Power of Attorney
  • Protecting your children’s inheritance in the event of divorce, lawsuits and other claims
  • Preserving your estate for your children if your surviving spouse remarries
  • Providing for special needs children and grandchildren
  • How to name the right short-term AND long-term guardians for your minor children


Hear what some our previous attendees have to say about DeDe’s presentation.

Enjoyed your presentation DeDe! Learned quite a few new points. Sylvia
Very informative, clear, and concise. Best in family preparation I’ve ever heard and I work with top-rated attorneys nationwide! Andrea
This was very informative and educational. I have a better understanding of how things should be and what I need to check for my mother. Thank you., Olga
You are a very dynamic speaker. Info clear and informative., Michelle
Very informative today! Such a pleasure to be here. I am very encouraged to get our trust going. Thank you so much., Laura
Excellent presentation, easy for people to understand. Very practical approach. Martha

All workshop attendees will receive a FREE follow up Family Wealth consultation and a $250 gift certificate that they can apply towards their Estate Plan Package. Some restrictions do apply.*

What is a Family Wealth Consultation? It is the “one on one” time you have with DeDe Soto to discuss your estate planning needs in detail. DeDe will guide you through difficult decisions, make recommendations on what type of plan would work best for your situation, and offer a custom Estate Planning Package. At the end of your consult appointment, you can decide to engage or decline. No pressure, no obligation.

*Gift certificates are redeemable only on the day of the 1st Consult appointment. The amount cannot be applied towards “a la carte” services such as but not limited to Child Protection Plans, Health Directives, Trust Administration or Conservatorships.