Experienced Guidance For Trust Administration In California

Trust administration is a complex but necessary process that must be undertaken when the settlor of a trust passes away.Whether you have been appointed successor trustee or you are the beneficiary of a trust, it is important to know your rights and obligations.The Soto Law Group in Newport Beach can guide you through the trust administration, making a complex process much easier to bear.

The Trust Administration Process In California

We will meet with you and gather all of the pertinent information and explain the trust administration process ahead of time. We will learn your family dynamics and what needs to be done. Based on the information we gather from these conversations, we outline our recommendations, including all fees, deadlines and responsibilities.

Some of the most important steps in the trust administration process include:

  • Giving notice to all beneficiaries of the trust
  • Transferring title of real property that was held in the trust
  • Identifying all property held in the trust, including bank accounts, investments and transferring ownership to the beneficiaries
  • Paying debts and taxes

While it is difficult to start, we can take some of the stress and difficulties away from your family by assisting you through the process and giving you legal guidance. Now is the time you need a lawyer whom you can not only trust, but also feel comfortable with, knowing that your trusted adviser is here for you and serving you with compassion and sensitivity.

“Recently I had our trust revised after my husband died. R. DeDe Soto was highly recommended to me. She was recommended for good reasons. She is compassionate, patient and very thorough. She made sure that I understand the content of the trust and how precise the content of the trust needs to be. She walked me through the process, explaining in layman’s terms exactly what needed to be done, what records I needed to provide. I feel secure in her guardianship of my trust. Thank you DeDe!” Posted by Denise Miniskey

Talk To An Attorney Who Can Help

If you are seeking knowledgeable trust administration guidance in Orange County, our law firm is here to guide you through the process. Contact us today online or by telephone at 949-945-0415 or 760-610-0519.


Google Review

Posted by Sarah T
Jan 2018

We set up a trust and guardianship The Soto Law Group. Everyone was amazingly helpful and very patient with us. We are very happy with our experience. Plus it is great to have the peace of mind to know that everything is set up in case something happens.

Trust update

5.0 stars

Posted by roberta
October 5, 2015

Dede work is thorough and detailed. I felt like I was in good hands the whole time. The forms I was given were thorough and brought my information together in a concise format. They were a good check list. The trust is complete and I can not think of anything that has been left out! Excellent work!

Thank you for all the advice in setting up my Living Trust. When I put my head in the pillow there is a sense of mission accomplish. Once again Thank you.
Rick de la Huelga, Los Angeles, CA

Living Trust

5.0 stars

Posted by Jim
September 8, 2015

DeDe’s most impressive attribute is her ability to make you feel comfortable. At no time did I feel that she was rushing me or that she was not focused on the tasks relevant to establishing my trust. I am detail oriented; but that did not bother DeDe, as she took the time to explain certain nuances to me.
Talk about detail! DeDe found a discrepancy among some deeds I had given her. Only some one, who had diligently reviewed those documents, would have caught the error. I grade DeDe outstanding in knowledge of the law, social interaction, and professionalism.

DeDe is so great to work with…I am glad that we have our trust in place to protect our sweet angel! Thanks, DeDe…looking forward to a long relationship with you!
Mark and Holly Bernstein, San Clemente, CA

DeDe, Thank you for setting up our trust! Thank you for being so patient with me, you made a difficult time better for me!
Ro Cole, Lake Forest, CA

Thank you for helping us get our trust set up. We really appreciate your attention to detail and making sure we set up all of our accounts. We will definitely refer you to all of our friends.
Brad and Grace, Tustin, CA

Thank you for helping us “Finally Secure and organize a Living Trust for our family.” It has been hanging over our heads for years and I am very relieved to have our “Big Book complete for our family.” May God continue to use you and your gifts to help families.
Tom and Sharon, Placentia, CA