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The reality of how many people do estate planning

When you think about how many people do their estate planning, it's easy to assume that every adult must have some sort of plan. After all, everyone has assets, even if some people have more than others. Many people have children. And, above all else, all people are going to pass away at some point. That's the human condition. It's the world we all live in. Certainly, we're all prepared, right?

If you worry about leaving money to the kids, test them first

Parents know that a big part of their estate planning is simply leaving money to their children. Physical assets do play a role, but many parents simplify their estate by selling assets before they pass away -- selling the family home when they go to a nursing home, for instance, and simply leaving the money from the sale to the children.

The most dangerous estate planning myth

You could argue that one of the most common estate planning myths is that you can do it later, that you'll always have time to get around to it. People do think this way, but most people technically do know -- even if they still haven't done their estate planning -- that they can't predict when they'll need it. Life is fragile.


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