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The most dangerous estate planning myth

You could argue that one of the most common estate planning myths is that you can do it later, that you'll always have time to get around to it. People do think this way, but most people technically do know -- even if they still haven't done their estate planning -- that they can't predict when they'll need it. Life is fragile.

Your will becomes especially important when you have kids

If you do not have children -- maybe you just don't have them yet, or maybe you don't plan to have them at all -- it is still important to write a will and do your estate planning. However, this becomes especially important if you do have kids. It raises the stakes.

Will you have a second home to leave your kids?

People often spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to put the family home into their estate plan. Do they just leave it to the kids in equal amounts? Do they sell the house and leave the money to the children? Do they ask the children which kids want it and which ones do not?

Divorce may change what people leave to their kids

It's no secret that divorce has an impact on estate planning. When your marriage ends, you need to make sure your estate plan does not still leave assets to your ex. You need to update your life insurance beneficiary designation. You need to consider who will make end-of-life care decisions for you. And these are just a few examples.


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