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What's special about a Totten trust?

There are so many varieties of trusts that it's difficult to keep track of them all. These trusts can also drafted in a number of ways, which makes it tricky to know exactly what to do for an inexperienced trust planning attorney, and especially for a layperson who doesn't have any legal training. A Totten trust, for example, is a type of legal document that many people have never heard of.

Don't forget your estate plan when you divorce

If you're working to get your divorce finalized before the beginning of next year when the new tax changes take effect, you're probably consumed with that process. However, don't forget that as a divorced person, you'll likely need to make some significant changes to your estate plan -- if you have one.

Estate planning after an unexpected windfall

This month, Americans were once again consumed by a Mega Millions jackpot as its value continued to rise to become the second largest in history. Some lucky South Carolina lottery player is now $1.5 billion richer. Even if it's being split among a dozen co-workers, that's a considerable windfall.

How to create a sound estate plan after your second marriage

Although you may have a divorce in your past, it doesn't mean you'll never tie the knot again. If you decide to once again go down the path of marriage, it's important to understand how it will impact every facet of your personal and financial life.


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