Estate Planning in Newport Beach – Wills and Trusts

The Importance Of Estate Planning in Newport Beach

We will work with you to establish legal and financial plans that suit your unique needs and goals. With our experienced estate planning attorneys in Huntington Beach, you can accomplish many important objectives, including:

  • Protecting your family: Establishing wills, trusts and other estate planning documents allows you to set aside wealth and assets for your loved ones.
  • Protecting your kids: If you have minor children, we can help you establish legal plans that assure they will always be taken care of, even if tragedy should strike and you are no longer able to care for them yourself.
  • Protecting your assets: Estate planning can protect assets from unnecessary taxation, lawsuits and other liabilities.
  • Providing for special needs children: We can help you provide financial assistance to a person with special needs, without causing him or her to lose eligibility to public benefits.
  • Transferring real estate: Our background in real estate law allows us to handle complex real estate transfers.
  • Transferring business assets: We can help you through the business succession process, protecting assets and laying the groundwork for a prosperous future.

Estate planning is easy to put off, but you can save yourself and your loved one’s time, expense and worry by taking these steps sooner rather than later.

Circumstances change over time. Your estate planning documents should reflect those changes. We encourage our clients to review their estate planning documents at least every three years to make sure changes in assets, the law or other factors have not rendered them ineffective. At The Soto Law Group, our estate planning attorneys in Huntington Beach can help you!

Asset protection is a set of legal techniques and a body of statutory and common law dealing with protecting assets of individuals and business entities.

Depending on your situation and the type of asset protection desired, Soto Law Group can customize a plan with various levels that are unique to the individuals, business entities, and assets involved. Once we have a comprehensive understanding of your goals and objectives, we can assist in determining the appropriate level of asset protection planning for your circumstance. We will consider various types of insurance, prenuptial agreements, postnuptial agreements, asset segregation, gifting, LLCs, partnerships, corporations, choice of jurisdiction, and asset protection trusts. Customized combinations are layered depending on the needs of the client and can never be done with concealment or tax evasion.

To find out which strategies may be right for you, contact us for a Family Wealth Planning Session. There are many different strategies to accomplish the protection of your assets while you are alive and after you are gone.

Legacy Protection

Our estate planning in Newport Beach is not a one-size-fits-all for everyone.

Our firm believes in personalized service for each and every client. Our approach is educational and proactive – we first determine each client’s individual needs, desires and values, and then tailor their plan to best fulfill their dreams.

We represent families throughout varying stages of life:

  • Traditional two-parent families or single parents wishing to provide for and protect their children and themselves.
  • Unmarried couples who are either solidifying their relationship through proper planning or dissolving their relationship with the assistance of caring counsel.
  • Blended families negotiating the challenges of creating new relationships with varying expectations.
  • High net worth families seeking strategies for minimizing estate and income taxes.
  • Family business owners seeking ways to protect and expand their companies and considering how and when to transition to the next generation of ownership.
  • Estate executors and beneficiaries navigating the court process of probate administration.
  • Family members or trustees carrying out the legacy left behind through a trust administration.

In addition, we advise clients regarding relationship nuptial agreements, perform reviews of existing plans that may be out of date, and handle all aspects of administration after the death of a loved one. Additionally, we keep our clients’ corporate records up to date so that they have the maximum protection from personal liability that a corporation can provide.

Our clients benefit from the care we offer the whole family from free estate checkups to basic planning documents for young adult children. Become part of our client family and feel how much we care.

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What DeDe’s

Clients Say

Not only a great lawyer, but a great experience too. Dede was highly recommended by one of my attorney colleagues. She helped us complete our family estate plan, and we were extremely pleased throughout the process. She and her paralegal work as a tight-knit team, and the result is that the process is very smooth and streamlined. Their attention to detail and organization is unsurpassed. Dede is very personable, and she puts you at ease despite having to confront what are typically difficult issues to ponder and discuss. We felt that she was eager to tailor our estate plan to our specific situation and family instead of doing a quick job by rote. It’s very apparent that she loves what she does


We had put off creating our wills for far too long. We knew that we should have not only considered our wills, but should really be thinking about a family trust. Basically, we didn’t know much about the process or even the situation we had put ourselves into by not attending to these matters much, much earlier. DeDe helped us to understand the importance of creating a family trust; critical considerations and trade offs; the steps to organizing our personal financial information; and our decisions on directives. Moreover, she was understanding of our situation and made the process straightforward and practical. It was obvious to us that DeDe takes a very real personal interest in helping her clients think about hard issues and to plan for the future. She seems to really enjoy helping people and to make them feel at ease. The process turned out to be much less difficult than we had thought and the fees were definitely reasonable. We absolutely recommend DeDe’s Soto Law Group for estate planning. And, take it from personal experience, you should attend to your estate planning sooner than later.

Karen and Tom

As a gay couple we needed help bringing our wills and trusts into compliance with current federal and state laws. DeDe showed us where our prior wills and trust arrangements needed updating and where some important eventualities hadn’t been adequately addressed. We also like that she has a service to store a copy of all our documents in the cloud.