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How to create a sound estate plan after your second marriage

Although you may have a divorce in your past, it doesn't mean you'll never tie the knot again. If you decide to once again go down the path of marriage, it's important to understand how it will impact every facet of your personal and financial life.

Remember to change and update your will as needed

Creating a will is one of the most important things you can do in life. You don't want to go through life, especially if you reach various milestones, without the legal protection of a will. Furthermore, a will should be updated when you get a job, get married, have children, have grandchildren, get divorced, when other important elements of your family change and when someone close to you in life dies.

Young parents should plan for the unthinkable now

Many young adults don't realize that they need an estate plan to govern what happens if they can't make decisions for themselves or if they become incapacitated. Unfortunately, this oversight can have a negative impact on the people who are close to that young adult. We understand that starting out a life on your own and trying to build up that life can be complicated, but you should take the time to evaluate your goals and set your estate plan accordingly.


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