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A widow’s guide on financial planning

It’s hard enough that you had to deal with your husband’s death, making funeral arrangements and greeting relatives during your time of grief. You’re a widow now, and as overwhelming as it may seem, you must carry on with your life. That will include getting your finances in order and updating your estate plan.

What happens if you die without a will?

Complications, complications. That’s what happens when you die without a will, and there are a number of scenarios. Families bicker over what property and assets they want. A surviving – but unmarried partner – finds that he or she cannot inherit the property of a deceased partner. And the family of an affluent, long-living uncle had to spend years as well as thousands of dollars in legal fees to settle an estate.

Children Graduating High School? Time To Revise Your Estate Plan.

For many parents, a child’s high school graduation is a mixed blessing. One is able to see one’s child take the first steps into adulthood – and the first irrevocable steps away from the family home. The instincts to protect (and, maybe, to coddle) remain strong, even as one knows it’s best to allow children to assert their independence.


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