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Financial planning for a child with special needs: 1 man's story

There's no way to predict that you're going to have a child with special needs. You simply decide to have a baby, and hope for the best. Then, on the off-chance a special needs baby is born, the parents respond in beautiful ways to make sure their child has best and most comfortable life possible. In one case of a special needs dad, who found out that both of his sons had cystic fibrosis in 2002, that's exactly what he did. He made sure that his children with cystic fibrosis would be well-taken care of.

Don't commit this business succession mistake

Setting up a plan to ensure your loved ones will receive ownership of your business, or at least be able to receive the monetary value of your business, after you have died is an important concern that every successful California business owner should handle. Fortunately, by creating a business succession plan, the owners of companies can organize a way for their heirs to gain appropriate ownership and control of their businesses in the event of an unexpected death.

Are you going through a major life transition right now?

Everyone goes through many periods of transition in their lives. In fact, you might feel like an entirely different person compared to who you were three years ago. That feeling could be the result of a death in the family, a marriage, a new child, a new grandchild or any other number of reasons.

Be careful to remember the following points in your estate plan

Without detailed knowledge of California estate planning laws and strategies, those who are planning their family's estates could run into serious problems -- problems that are so severe that they could ruin their estate plans completely. Here are a few things people forget when planning their estates that could destroy their estate plans:

A widow’s guide on financial planning

It’s hard enough that you had to deal with your husband’s death, making funeral arrangements and greeting relatives during your time of grief. You’re a widow now, and as overwhelming as it may seem, you must carry on with your life. That will include getting your finances in order and updating your estate plan.


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