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February 2018 Archives

What if only 1 of my children wants to own the family business?

When an estate plan involves an independent business owner who wants his or her family to benefit from the value of the business, a lot of important questions will need to be answered. Most importantly: Will you leave your business to be managed by your children, or would your children rather do something else?

Bitcoin and inheritance: What will happen to my crypto coins?

With the rise of Bitcoin's value, more and more people are taking the cryptocurrency seriously as a method for storing wealth. Some analysts believe that a single Bitcoin will be worth $1 million in the not-to-distant future, while others believe that the coins will be worth no more than $0 dollars in a matter of years. Regardless of your opinion, if you own Bitcoin, you will want to make sure you create a strategy for transferring your crypto coins to heirs in your estate plan.

Dispute over Napa estate erupts more than decade after death

A family argument over the fate of a $92 million estate wages on in Napa Superior Court. The dispute erupted between two daughters of a multi-millionaire landlord, businessman and vintner who amassed a considerable amount of wealth during his life. The daughters are in disagreement about what happened to the $92 million estate, which also included approximately $38 million intended to fund charitable works for disadvantaged youth.

Doctors: Have you completed your estate plans?

As a doctor, you will have unique estate planning concerns. For one, if you're in private practice, you may own a valuable business and you will want to transfer as much of your business value to your heirs as possible. Secondly, if no one in your family is a doctor, you face the challenge of not having anyone to continue running your business. Fortunately, there are some strategies doctors can employ to ensure the success of their estate plans.


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