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What happens if you die without a will?

Complications, complications. That’s what happens when you die without a will, and there are a number of scenarios. Families bicker over what property and assets they want. A surviving – but unmarried partner – finds that he or she cannot inherit the property of a deceased partner. And the family of an affluent, long-living uncle had to spend years as well as thousands of dollars in legal fees to settle an estate.

Have you created a plan for your special needs child?

A special needs child is a child who requires specific care. In many cases, special needs children need to be cared for after they become adults, and they never become fully independent. In other cases, special needs children require costly medical services and round-the-clock attention to ensure that they're healthy and happy.

Transferring property deeds to an adult child

As you approach old age, you may be wondering how to transfer your real estate holdings to your adult children. There are several reasons why seniors may wish to transfer their real estate: Some people decide to unburden themselves of their house and travel the world; others make a choice to downgrade to a more manageable living space. For some seniors, the physical strain of maintaining the property may no longer be an option.

Tips for cleaning up your estate for your heirs

At some point in their lives, most California residents begin to realize that they may not have many years left to spend with their families and loved ones. During these last years, most people try to make the most of them and cherish the lasting memories they have. They may also choose to prepare their estates so that their wealth can be passed on to their loved ones in the most uncomplicated way possible.


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