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The basic components of an estate plan

It's best to complete your estate planning now, rather than later. You never know when you're going to take your last breath, and if you're still without an estate plan, it can cause low-lying anxiety and stress to think that your family members could be left in a difficult situation if you die.

8 steps to an excellent family business succession

Imagine you have an incredibly successful business. You don't want your children to lose out on the success of this business, which you know could serve your family for generations to come. As such, you've decided to create a business succession plan to leave the company to your kids.

Business succession plan: Did you choose the right successor?

Newport Beach families may dream of a son or daughter taking up the family business preserve their legacies into the future. Indeed, it's beautiful to think that something you created could last to provide income and stability for future generations of your family. However, to keep the family tradition, you will want to make the right choices when it comes to your business succession plan. Perhaps most importantly, you want to choose the right successor.

The primary benefits of a special needs trust

Newport Beach parents who are raising a special needs child will need to consider the future of their child -- and how their child will be cared for -- if they become incapacitated or die before their child. A lot of parents choose to create a special needs trust that will ensure the needs of their child will be met in the event of their untimely deaths.


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