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Advice for leaving inheritances for grandchidren

Grandparents who have the financial means to leave sufficient amounts of money to their children may also want to set aside an inheritance for their grandchildren. However, if you're planning to leave money for your grandkids, you might have some concerns about their age and maturity levels.

Do you want to form a special needs trust for your child?

In many ways, Newport Beach parents raising special needs children are like any other parents. They're raising beautiful children who bring joy and love into their homes, and they love their children more than the world. In other ways, however, they could have a dramatically different lifestyle than average Newport Beach parents.

When a physician with a private practice passes away

If you have a business that you built up yourself -- like a medical practice -- you must face the fact that the business was built on your name, and without you around, it may not have the same value. This can create a little bit of stress for any sole business owner who is trying to plan his or her estate in a way that is most beneficial to the loved one's who will be left behind.


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