Life and legacy planning isn't all wills and probate. It's turning off the cable and taking care of the cat. It's thinking about flowers at your funeral or gifts for your favorite charity. It's ensuring there won't be piles of paperwork or family arguments. It's easier than you think, and it's all in your Everplan.

Everplans is a simple, stepby-step guide through legal, financial, healthcare and personal decisions-a tool that ensures your wishes are met and your loved ones aren't left with hassles. Read More

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We are serious about security.


Everplans takes your security extremely seriously. It wouldn't make sense to get into a business that deals with customers' extremely personal and sensitive information if security wasn't the highest of priorities. Our commitment, combined with a very fantastic and experienced engineering team, has resulted in a security environment that we feel very proud and confident in, and our goal is to inspire you to feel the same way. Below is a walkthrough of Everplans' approach to a number of different security-related topics.


Everplans has been purpose-built from day one to be highly secure, using best of breed tools, software development methodologies and operational practices. This matters. Many of the high profile breaches at other companies over the past few years have occurred within large, old organizations that have been in the unenviable (and frankly untenable) position of trying to retro-fit, cobble together and secure multiple legacy systems that are ill-equipped to handle modern technology security needs.


Everplans has put a great deal of thought and effort into creating a comprehensive Privacy Policy that can actually be read and understood by the average human being. Our Privacy Policy details exactly how different types of information are treated so all of our users can make educated decisions about what they feel comfortable including in their Everplans. The latest version can be found at: https://www.everplans.com/privacy-policy

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How to leave a legacy.

This is bigger than your Will, but as easy as sharing a family recipe.

Life and legacy planning takes you beyond finance and insurance to also focus on the important everyday details you need your loved ones to know.

  • Things like account numbers, passwords and usernames.
  • Information about cherished items like family photos and secret recipes.
  • Details not only about who gets the heirlooms, but stories of why those heirlooms matter.

This is what really matters, and this is how you organize, store and securely share it with the people who matter most.

A simple guide for you and your family.